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70 to 130kms based on Battery Type, Under Standard Test Conditions

Top Speed

70 Kms/hr. Under Full Charge & Standard Riding Conditions


1500W 80% Power is delivered in normal everyday use


0 to 40 km/h in 6 seconds Under Standard Riding Conditions

Max Speed

70 Km/hr

Cost Savings

A litre of Fuel Costs Rs. 75 to 80 and the graph is constantly increasing with time, giving us a travelling capacity of 37 miles (60 kms) in one go, whereas by putting just 1 unit of electricity in Bravo, gives you more than twice the travelling miles, i.e. 80 miles (130 kms). And what's best, when we can clearly see that 1 unit cost is just Rs.7/km Cost = 0.25.