Drive The Change
Elthor Bravo is a smart choice for people looking for efficient and easy mobility. It matches the urban lifestyle and blends seamlessly with a sustainable living style, Since electric is preferred fuel today, because of it's zero emission. Besides, there are multiple cost advantages which come with Elthor Bravo.

Bravo is the ultimate choice for eco-friendly mobility. It is designed keeping in mind the user friendliness and environmental protection. With technology evolving rapidly, Bravo adopts the best one that delivers ease and comfort. It adds value to the urban life of people from all walks of life!

Elthor Bravo With Durability, Power, Strength and Comfort it can easily be relied on for short and long* travel distances.

Electric bikes offer the benefit of both the cost savings and comfort for daily use. Bravo is the best personal transportation option.


Modern Electric Bike

A fusion/blend of Modern and Retro Styled, Electrically charged and environment friendly, bike to give you the ultimate experience.

Elthor Bravo : Drive The Change

Power Never Pollutes

It's time to revolve in all the dimensions. A 360 degrees experience with the All New ELTHOR - An Electric Bike for your next step to GREEN LIVING.

Elthor Bravo : Power Never Pollutes

Efficient & Easy Mobility

Max speed of 70 km/hr, Loading capacity of 235 kgs, along with a digital display meter, dual detachable batteries, with tubeless tyres and with a charging time of 3-4 hours on a common household port

Elthor Bravo : The All Electric Ride




Overall Size


Brake Mode(F/R)

Hydraulic disc brake

Curb Weight


Max Speed

70 Km/hr


1280 mm

Cooling-down Method

Air Cooled

Loading Capacity

1 Passenger +1 (235kg)


72 volt


Led / Digital

Front Absorber

Spring Rocker Arm Front Shock

Rear Suspension

Hydraulic Spring Shock Absorber

Tyres (F/R)