Elthor Energy Dealership

Our mission is to reshape and redefine urban lifestyles and lead them towards a holistic integrative experience. Elthor bravo is the new symbol of “holistic travelling”. When we look towards the dark web we all are stuck, regretting the vehicles we all drive, polluting our very existence and the environment that surrounds us. All we look for is a fresh, new experience towards a better living. Here comes ELTHOR, fulfilling all your needs with a step towards the Upcoming next Generation Electric Scooter- ElthorBRAVO A Modern, Balanced, and a perfect match for your long drives. It's time to revolve in all the dimensions. A 360 degrees experience with the All New ELTHOR - An Electric Bike for your next step to GREEN LIVING.

EV in India

The world is shifting towards the electric revolution which is just around the corner. It’s not far when globally people would choose electric vehicles over traditional fuel powered ones. With minimal maintenance issues and responsibilities as compared to fuel powered bikes, electric bikes are ruling the market. The state and central governments provide subsidies for electric bikes. With low running costs, Elthor must be your next choice and will give you all in one convenient riding experience. Shoot up to your destination with a single charge and carry one for more backup distance coverage!!

Why Elthor Franchise Dealership?

Elthor Energy Private Limited has made its mission to become the largest Electric two-wheeler company, not only in India but globally by setting benchmarks in performance, style and technology. The company’s extensive sales and service network are spread across customer touch points which include service and spare parts outlets, authorised dealerships, and dealer-appointed outlets across the country.

We are a team of strategists, management consultants, engineers, designers, thinkers, conceptualizers, entrepreneurs and so much more. We are keen to redefine the life of consumers with our hybrid solution.

Bravo is our brainchild and Elthor is a part of our biologically derived solution which is powered with technology plus science. While the automobile industry is predicted to alter by 99% , we aim to be the torch bearers in this sustainable revolution.

It's time we clear our facts with the smartest comparison of all time.
Fuel Bike Vs Electric Bike (Bravo)
It's not hidden that the purchasing cost of a fuel bike might be less than Bravo. But, believe it or not, Bravo is all what you want. Well, it's quite obvious that the fuel costing for a normal bike is what makes the whole difference to your purchase. A litre of Fuel Costs Rs. 90 to 95 and the graph is constantly increasing with time, giving us a travelling capacity of 50 kms in one go, whereas by putting just 1 unit of electricity in Bravo, gives you more than twice the travelling miles130 kms. And what's best, when we can clearly see that 1 unit cost is just Rs.5/- .

Franchise Details

Area Requirement

Elthor service centre would require a lounge for the customers, working area, a parking area for bikes, space for display bikes, an office and other related merchandise. To include all these facilities, the space required should have a minimum area of 1000 – 1500 square feet.

Cost and investment

The cost of starting a Elthor Franchise Dealership will differ according to the location of the centre. Apart from the variation in land cost, the investment sum amount required to start a franchise dealership will be from INR 25 Lakhs 50 Lakhs.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) is a kind of performance measure to provide the amount of return on an investment that can be expected 48% on sales or services. Note : Location for the unit franchised outlet should be on the ground floor, and minimum frontage around 50-70 feet is required for setting up the ElthorShowroom

Elthor Franchise Services and Training

The following advantages are afforded by the Franchisor for setting up the Elthor Showroom:

  • The company supports the franchisee for setting up the design and construction.
  • It provides assistance in business development, i.e. site selection support.
  • It provides marketing support for local and regional advertising.
  • Technical knowledge and administrative assistance will be provided to the franchisee during the term of the agreement.
  • Proper training is given to all crew members and franchisees.
  • Expert guidance from Head Office will be provided to the franchisee while opening the franchise dealership.
  • Prevailing IT systems will be incorporated in the franchise.